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The Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in Marketing and Advertising

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Everyone is doing list this time of year. Here is mine.

Top 10 Things I Learned from in the Past Five Years (Don’t take my word for it, each number has a link):

10. Don’t break yourself of daydreaming, it leads to break throughs.

9. There’s nothing new under the sun.

8. We are not gadgets.

7. Instinct trumps reason.

6. Copywriting still matters – really.

5. Multitasking is a drug – don’t get addicted.

4. Email isn’t always the best form of communication.

3. Get a clue. Hopping on the digital train is still a craft.

2. The Four P’s are out – they only give you yellow snow.

And the number one thing I’ve learned,

1. Anything is possible – people can taste color!

Author: Social Media Prof

I'm a professor in the Center for Leadership Education at Johns Hopkins University. For 17 years I was an advertising professional as an associate creative director and copywriter working on marketing campaigns for large International Fortune 500 companies to small regional businesses. Here I lead and develop multiple communications and marketing courses from traditional to social media. I pull from my professional experience, teach theory, and use interactive methods to inspire and help prepare future leaders in today's fast paced innovation driven business environment. I am also active in academic research. I have published journal articles, lead workshops and presented at academic conferences including AAA and AEJMC.

One thought on “The Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in Marketing and Advertising

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